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Heavy laboratory

The spatially largest room in pavilion "F" is divided into three laboratories based on its use:

  1. Explosivity laboratory
  2. Laboratory of mechanical testing of materials
  3. Laboratory - SBI test

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Security control laboratory

The equipment located in the laboratory serves primarily as examples of the possibilities of ensuring the safety of people and property.


Dust sample preparation

The preparation room is mainly used for the treatment of solid materials for the determination of explosion parameters and the minimum initiation energy of dust-air mixtures.


Laboratory of construction materials II

This room is used as - a laboratory for structural diagnostics.

Laboratory of safety of persons and property

In this laboratory there is a ballistic line and a comparative microscope, the use of which in the teaching process is mainly in the creation of final bachelor's and master's theses and in teaching subjects "Weapons and ammunition", "Technical means of security services" and "Measuring methods and metrology".

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Gas chromatography laboratory

The gas chromatography laboratory is mainly used for the analysis of gases, liquids and partly also solids. The basis of the equipment is a gas chromatograph with a GRIFFIN 460 mass spectrometer from the American company FLIR with accessories extending its usability. The laboratory also has a Raman spectrometer FirstDefender RMX and photoionization detectors for the determination of volatile substances in the air from the company RAE Systems.

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Environmental Accident Laboratory

It is a special room, which is divided into two laboratories based on its use:

  1. Laboratory of the impact of accidents on the environment
  2. Ecotoxicity laboratory

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Laboratory of Technical Measurements in BI

This is a laboratory that is intended for students for measurement in the teaching of the subject "Technical Measurements in Safety Engineering".

Working air monitoring laboratory

It is a laboratory that is mainly equipped with devices for monitoring, sampling of nanoparticles and microparticles in the work environment.

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