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The Laboratory and Computer Service (hereinafter referred to as the LCS) is a special-purpose workplace of the Faculty of Safety Engineering, VSB – TU Ostrava. It was established at the same time as the Faculty in 2002. The model of centralized operation and administration of specialized workplaces was chosen mainly to avoid duplication in equipping laboratories and classrooms by individual departments, and to achieve better use of the premises and acquired instrumentation.

The main task of the OLCT is the administration and technical support of the operation and the development of specialized workplaces operated by the Faculty:

The LCS manages all laboratories at the Faculty

  • It realizes purchases, including the acquisition of equipment based on the development plan approved by the Faculty management, records, lending, inventory-taking, and depreciation of assets.
  • It provides maintenance (service, checks, repairs, inspections), calibration and verification of instruments.
  • Based on the requirements of the laboratory guarantors, it prepares measurements and samples, including the purchase of consumables for the solution of Bachelor’s, diploma, and doctoral theses.
  • It prepares samples for scheduled teaching according to the instructions of academic staff, provides protective work aids and assists with the operation of devices and assigned equipment in the tutorial “Material Science”.
  • By appointment, it participates in measurements performed within the framework of scientific, research, and complementary activities.

For each laboratory room, the head of the LCS shall appoint a laboratory administrator and, if necessary, his/her deputy. (link to the list of laboratory administrators)…

The LCS ensures the management of computer technology, especially in its records of assets at specialized workplaces of the Faculty within:

  • A long-term solution of a complex of partial tasks with the aim of keeping the Faculty network in perfect functional operation, especially the installation of servers and other end devices, including the maintenance (service, complaints, repairs, inspections, and checks).
  • Management of users, emails and groups, selected persons, passwords, guest accesses to Wi-Fi, management of the Faculty’s Active Directory, including user support.
  • Purchase of computer equipment based on the development plan approved by the Faculty management, including records and security, lending, inventory-taking, and depreciation of assets.
  • Preparation of the Faculty of Safety Engineering web pages and updating them according to the requirements of the designated Faculty staff in connection with the university-wide system.