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The FBI's computer labs are used primarily for the implementation of accredited study programs, including lifelong learning programs, and in connection therewith for scientific, research, development and innovation or other creative activities. In connection with the fulfillment of their basic task, they can also be used for related additional activities.

The PC classroom is one of the specialized departments of the faculty, which is established and abolished by the Dean of the FBI. Organizationally, the operation and development of computer classrooms is subordinated to the Vice-Dean for Science and Research. The operation of laboratories and computer technology ensures the management of PC classrooms.

  1. scheduled teaching
  2. other teaching
  3. training and seminars for FBI staff requiring a PC classroom
  4. independent work of students (in agreement with the head of PLVT)
  5. additional activity

Computer classrooms are designed mainly for teaching associated with the use of computer and information technology. In justified cases, with their free capacity, they can also be used for further teaching or other activities.


Reservation of PC classrooms outside of scheduled classes can only be made in the form of an application

sent to e-mail: 

Priority will be given to applications that are related to work on a PC, outside of scheduled classes.

The application must include:

  • date of reservation
  • booking time
  • justification (purpose) of the reservation


Each detected issue on the PC classroom equipment must be entered in the university HelpDesk system:  in the FBI faculty section.


On weekdays from 8:00 to 13:30:

Name of IT support

Number of Computer Lab or Laboratories

Telefone 59 732…/mobile phone

Lukáš Holý

LA 103, LD 307, LA 212, LA 203, LC 104

2875/731 664 250

Radim Peikert

LA 209, LA 210, LA 211, LA 213,

2839/731 664 251


Every user of a PC classroom is obliged to comply with the Operating Rules of Computer Classrooms FBI_SME_18_01.
The position of PC classrooms, including operation, financing of operation and development, is stated in document no .: FBI_SME_13_001, Laboratories and PC classrooms.