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Bachelor degree

Bachelor‘s degree provides a good basis to start career or to continue the follow-up Master study. This study programme in English language lasts three years in full time form only. Graduates of the bachelor‘s degree obtain the academic title Bc.

Master degree

Master's degree graduates have all the knowledge and skills to get a job or for further education. Study programme in the English language can be completed in the full-time form only.  A Master’s degree confers the academic title Ing.

Doctoral degree

PhD study programme is for graduates of Master's study of the technical field. Doctoral study last for 4 years. Studies are available to study in full-time and combined form in Czech or English language. Graduates of doctoral study programme obtain the academic degree doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.).

Summer school

The course is intended forall students interested in safety & security issues. Programme is focused on various aspects of occupational safety,  major-accident risk assessment, and fire and explosion protection. Our summer school is free of charge.