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The Laboratory and Computer Service

The Laboratory and Computer Service (hereinafter referred to as the LCS) is a special-purpose workplace of the Faculty of Safety Engineering, VSB – TU Ostrava.

The model of centralized operation and administration of specialized workplaces was chosen mainly to avoid duplication in equipping laboratories and classrooms by individual departments, and to achieve better use of the premises and acquired instrumentation.

Centre of Simulation Technologies – CESIT

Comprehensive teaching platform for the education of students to deal with emergencies and crisis situations located at the Faculty of Safety Engineering at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

A unique and outstanding methodological and professional workplace in the Czech Republic

A workplace designed to increase the level of the professional practical skills and knowledge of students and to train existing and new entities involved in emergency and crisis management.

The Department of Fire Protection

We are a department that provides teaching in an attractive field of study at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and we also guarantee the teaching of PhD students. We develop emergency preparedness through our focus. Our educational and research activities focus primarily on the prevention of emergencies as well as their tactical and strategic management. In this area, the combination of experience of experts from practice and new research findings is very important, which ensures unique and comprehensive training for practice in all areas of fire protection with applicability in the Czech Republic and the world.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Processes

The professional focus of the Department of Occupational Safety and Processes is a continuation of the long-term development of scientific research activities and safety-oriented fields of study, where the analysis and prevention of technological and occupational safety risks has become a priority. At present, the Department has a significant profile in areas related to occupational and process safety with a focus on new areas such as alternative energy sources, human-robot safety and others.

The Department of Civil Protection

The Department of Civil Protection deals with the issues of population protection and crisis management. Its teaching and research activities are mainly focused on security planning, risk management, resilience of critical infrastructure and society, information security, integral security and the use of simulation technologies in education.

Department of Security Services

The Department of Security Services is responsible for education and research in the field of implementation and evaluation of technical safety. The scope of what we do is to a large extent interdisciplinary, and we are responsible for the education of our students in the program Technical Safety of Persons and Property at the bachelor's level and in the study program Physical Security Engineering at the master's level. In the case of both mentioned study programs, teaching is realized both in full-time and in a combined form of study. In addition, we participate in the education of PhD students in the research study program of Fire Protection and Safety. Co-operation with other universities and colleges are carried out regarding both education and research.