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Department of Occupational Safety and Processes

About us

The professional focus of the Department of Occupational Safety and Processes is a continuation of the long-term development of scientific research activities and safety-oriented fields of study, where the analysis and prevention of technological and occupational safety risks has become a priority. At present, the Department has a significant profile in areas related to occupational and process safety with a focus on new areas such as alternative energy sources, human-robot safety and others.


The Department currently sponsors the HSE Professional Master's degree programme. More information The Department also offers a wide range of courses in English for exchange students from all over the world.

Code Title Credits Contact
040-1105/01 Risk Management 5 prof. RNDr. Pavel Danihelka, CSc.
040-1106/01 Major Accident Prevention 5 prof. Dr. Ing. Aleš Bernatík
040-1107/01 Impact of environmental accidents 5 Ing. Kateřina Sikorová, Ph.D.
040-1109/01 Safety Culture 5 Mgr. Ivana Slováčková
040-1110/01 Explosion prevention 5 Ing. Petr Lepík, Ph.D

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Sience and Research

The members of the department focus on the following areas in their scientific and research activities:
- Risk analysis, methodology and application of risk analysis,
- Occupational safety and environment, occupational risk analysis,
- Hazardous substances, risks arising from chemicals,
- Process and Technology Safety, Industrial Risk Management,
- Fire and explosion prevention of technological processes,
- Major accidents including environmental impacts of accidents
- Reliability of the human factor,
- Safety of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
- Environmental safety.


The Department participates in the organization of professional conferences and seminars. The most important conferences include:
- International Conference on Occupational Health and Safety
- Fire Protection Conference
- Loss Prevention 2022 Conference
Conferences are organized in cooperation with the Association of Fire and Safety Engineering, z.s.
Telephone: +420 597 322 842


Department of Occupational Safety and Processes
Faculty of Safety Engineering E-mail: 
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Lumírova 630/13 T: +420 597 322 826
700 30 Ostrava – Výškovice
Czech Republic