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The Department of Fire Protection

About us

We are a department that provides teaching in an attractive field of study at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and we also guarantee the teaching of PhD students. We develop emergency preparedness through our focus. Our educational and research activities focus primarily on the prevention of emergencies as well as their tactical and strategic management. In this area, the combination of experience of experts from practice and new research findings is very important, which ensures unique and comprehensive training for practice in all areas of fire protection with applicability in the Czech Republic and the world.

Science and research :

The scientific and research activities of the Department are focused on the prevention of emergencies (fire, explosion), mitigation of their consequences and solutions for safe and effective liquidation using theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The department strives to participate in science and research projects and more demanding practical tasks and to publish and implement the acquired knowledge in teaching.


Department of Fire Protection
Faculty of Safety Engineering E-mail: 
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Lumírova 630/13 T: +420 597 322 852
700 30 Ostrava – Výškovice
Czech Republic