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Highly variable software able to simulate intervention management at tactical, operational, and strategic levels

Tools designed for the education and training of members and staff working in security and rescue services, and security managers across the sectors of occupational safety and operations

XVR uses virtual reality for its respondents moving within the centre of any emergency within any range (e.g. fire, traffic accidents, responses to dangerous substance leakage, natural disasters, accidents in industry, etc.)


Flexible education using XVR at the faculty

  • The largest installation in the Czech Republic – up to 9 active players in the scenario
  • Basic training in accordance with tactical procedures
  • The possibility of trainings and drills in specific situations
  • The training of coordination for IRS bodies during joint intervention
  • The possibility of simulating real events based on high-quality case studies

High-quality facilities

  • The expertise and experience of our lecturers, both from the academic sphere and from practice
  • Modern technical equipment and facilities for teamwork
  • Modular courses tailored to your needs
  • Experiential education
XVR zázemí
XVR virtuální prostředí

Variability of virtual environments

  • City – fire in a residential building, high-rise buildings, underground garages, warehouse spaces
  • Agricultural production – fire in an animal-breeding building, rescue works, and the evacuation of animals
  • Road tunnel – a traffic accident followed by fire
  • Airport – plane crash intervention – firefighting, sorting out the wounded, etc.
  • Motorways – mass motor vehicle accidents, sorting out the wounded
  • Production plants (factories) – liquidating the consequences of chemical accidents, dangerous substance leakage
  • Floods – rescue and elimination work, cooperation of IRS and government bodies 


Faculty of Safety Engineering, VSB-TUO

Lumírova 630/13,

700 30 Ostrava-Výškovice

doc. Ing. Marek Smetana, PhD.

+420 597 322 820