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A specialized workplace for the preparation of people assigned to crisis committees, aiming its priority at the level of municipalities with extended powers

A modern training workplace with a history dating back to 2010. The initial SIMPROKIM workplace was established as part of a project designed with support from Security Research of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, for the period 2010-2015

SIMPROKIM educational programmes

The concept of education consists of three basic educational programmes

  • Basic training intended for people newly included in the crisis management system
  • Follow-up training designed for practitioners to maintain their practical skills
  • Special training designed for training with new tools and resources, training in dealing with specific situations according to requirements (blackouts, floods, pandemics…)

The following training methods are used as part of the training

  • The specialized preparation of individual functions within the committee (sub-training)
  • The specialized preparation of a group with selected functions (group training)
  • The comprehensive preparation of the crisis committee management(the training of the committee and working in a team)
SIMPROKIM education courses

Educational courses offered

  • The simulation of real crisis situations based on history and case studies
  • The expertise and experience of our lecturers, both from the academic sphere and practice
  • Modern technical equipment and facilities for work
  • A modular course system tailored to your needs
  • Experiential education


Faculty of Safety Engineering, VSB-TUO

Lumírova 630/13,

700 30 Ostrava-Výškovice

doc. Ing. Marek Smetana, PhD.

+420 597 322 820