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The Department of Security Services

About us

The Department of Security Services is responsible for education and research in the field of implementation and evaluation of technical safety. The scope of what we do is to a large extent interdisciplinary, and we are responsible for the education of our students in the program Technical Safety of Persons and Property at the bachelor's level and in the study program Physical Security Engineering at the master's level. In the case of both mentioned study programs, teaching is realized both in full-time and in a combined form of study. In addition, we participate in the education of PhD students in the research study program of Fire Protection and Safety. Co-operation with other universities and colleges are carried out regarding both education and research.

Katedra's goals

“The aim is to stimulate your curiosity and provide you with essential information to establish a solid grounding in the core of the subject.“


Department of Security Services
Faculty of Safety Engineering E-mail: 
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Lumírova 630/13 T: +420 597 322 897
700 30 Ostrava – Výškovice
Czech Republic