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The Department of Civil Protection 

About us

Department of Civil Protection deals with the issues of population protection and crisis management. Its teaching and research activities are mainly focused on security planning, risk management, resilience of critical infrastructure and society, information security, integral security and the use of simulation technologies in education.

Science and research

In the field of science and research, the Department successfully participates in a number of important projects, both at the national level (especially projects of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and security research of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic) and international level (projects of the European Horizon 2020 programme). The projects are mainly focused on the following areas:
- Simulation of crisis staff activities in dealing with emergency and crisis situations (SIMPROKIM)
- resilience and protection of critical infrastructure
- comprehensive territorial security (e.g. risk mapping)


Cooperation in solving various problems in the field of crisis management is one of the key activities of the Department of Public Protection.


Department of Civil Protection
Faculty of Safety Engineering E-mail: 
VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Lumírova 630/13 T: +420 597 322 812
700 30 Ostrava – Výškovice
Czech Republic