Laboratory for Risk Research and Management (023)

street: Lumírova 13
700 30   Ostrava-Výškovice

Czech Republic

Tel: +420 597 322 948

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LABRISK is a research and educational department focused on identification, understanding and control of technological and natural risks, both acute and chronic.

LABRISK basic research is conducted in risk analysis and management methodology; applied research is conducted in risk management. Research, development and innovation takes place in research and development projects and in specific practical problem-solving; externally financed non-specific research is only carried out with new emerging research initiatives. LABRISK staff cooperates with other departments giving instructions in bachelor's and master's degree programs.

LABRISK provides training and support for graduate students, educational and lifelong learning, or specialized courses in technological and natural hazards. LABRISK is an open multidisciplinary workplace cooperating in wide range of its activities with other university departments, universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, research institutes, professionals or industrial sectors.

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